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Tractors and agricultural machinery
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Tractors and agricultural machinery
TRACTORS AND MACHINES for your comfort and convenience
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Tractors and agricultural machinery


ROL-MECH: Tractors, combines, agricultural machinery, fertilizers and spare parts

ROL-MECH was established in 1995. We sell in Radymno and branches in Szczucin, Lubaczów, Przemyśl, Miączyn and Gorlice. The company provides comprehensive services for agriculture, including: Warranty service of McCormick tractors, Service and repair of other tractors, John Deere, Zetor, Kubota, Ursus and others, Warranty service of Merlo chargers and service and repair of Kramer chargers, Our staff service technician has extensive experience and service qualifications. It is also possible to negotiate prices maintenance services.

We also sell fertilizers and plant protection products. We are a dealer of leading companies, among others group Azoty, Yara, Siarkopol, Luvena, Eko-Wap, Bayer, Syngenta, Lidea, BASF. We have a district control station vehicles, road transport, we sell building materials.

We sell in 6 points:
- Radymno, ul. Słowackiego 17, tel. (16) 628 22 66
- Szczucin, ul. Kościuszki 56, tel. (14) 643 66 08
- Lubaczów, ul. Kraszewskiego 4, phone: (16) 632 14 15
- Przemyśl, ul. Ofiar Katynia 43, phone: (16) 678 48 75
- Miączyn, Miączyn - 48 C station, tel. (84) 611 11 79
- Gorlice, ul. Biecka 78 B, phone: (18) 353 79 47


Tractors and agricultural machinery

New fertilizers on sale

We are an authorized distributor of NovaTec One (Compo Expert). NovaTec One is a nitrification inhibitor prepared for soil application in combination with liquid fertilizers nitrogenous UAN.

NovaTec One is a liquid nitrification inhibitor based on the newest and longest-acting substance active DMPP - allows you to reduce the number of nitrogen fertilizer applications, which, as a rule, for optimal use and minimization of losses were applied in divided doses. DMPP by maintaining the ammonium form of nitrogen, it also allows for a much better development of the root system fertilized plants and improving the absorption of nutrients, mainly phosphorus and micronutrients. The ammonium ion is readily taken up by plants and used for the construction of the crop requires significantly less energy input from the plants. They decrease too significant nitrogen losses through nitrate leaching and gaseous emissions as a result of denitrification. The use of a DMPP nitrification inhibitor translates directly into more effective fertilization nitrogen - lower doses, more efficiently used, the possibility of limiting the number of applications and a lot less losses.

Bali CS:
- Extremely favorable relationship between higher FAO and the size of the yielded grains,
- A variety with a very good economic efficiency, allowing for the intensification of grain production,
- Dynamic development of the variety in changing environmental conditions,
- Good plant health from emergence to harvest ensures regular and stable yields in each year.

Saletrosan 26:
- Bor determines the obtaining of a high and good quality crop of plants and its lack plants feel most strongly under the following conditions:
- Water scarcity or very heavy rainfall
- Plant cultivation on light and very light soils,
- Low temperatures.

Marteli CS:
- Very high yield potential allows for record grain yields,
- A variety that produces large, impressive cobs,
- Identity grain with a very high MTZ,
- Cultivar that quickly releases water from the grain after it is technologically mature,
- A variety with increased tolerance to stress conditions,
- Plants with a strong structure, stable, with no tendency to lodging, can be harvested as one of the the last

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